About TechKnowSolve Blog

This blog is the technical resource page for TechKnowSolve. TechKnowSolve provides customized computer solutions to businesses, government entities, non-profits, and individuals. This includes database development, customized software development, web development and customized report development. We also do computer training on all the technologies we work with as well as Microsoft Office. Our focus is on excellent communication and customer service.

If you are looking for a computer consultant and have ended up here, this may all just be geek to you. Never fear – visit our website at www.techknowsolve.com to learn how we can help you.

If you ARE a geek, we hope you may find something of value to you somewhere in this blog. Some things you should know about what you’ll find:

  • Most code examples are in Visual Basic, but you can use the converter in the “Favorite Links” section to convert to C#.
  • Most code examples will use fully qualified names, so you can just copy and paste. It should be apparent from the fully qualified name which namespace you’d need to import if you choose that route.
  • We make no claims as to “this is the best way to do it” – if you can see a more efficient way, or you can see big problems with our sample code, please post a (kind) comment and let us know:-)

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