Reporting Services Subscriptions Have Unintelligible Job Names

If you’ve set up a subscription in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, you might notice when you go to find the job that the name is all letters and numbers. If you have more than one job, it’s very difficult to figure out which one is which. This link at provides an excellent view which will help you identify the various jobs. Here’s the code for the view, thanks to SQLServerCentral user stevefromOz. You should run this code in the ReportServer database.

SELECT Schedule.ScheduleID AS SQLAgent_Job_Name, Subscriptions.Description AS sub_desc, Subscriptions.DeliveryExtension AS sub_delExt,
[Catalog].Name AS ReportName, [Catalog].Path AS ReportPath
FROM ReportSchedule INNER JOIN
Schedule ON ReportSchedule.ScheduleID = Schedule.ScheduleID INNER JOIN
Subscriptions ON ReportSchedule.SubscriptionID = Subscriptions.SubscriptionID INNER JOIN
[Catalog] ON ReportSchedule.ReportID = [Catalog].ItemID AND Subscriptions.Report_OID = [Catalog].ItemID

As Steve says, “because you’re going directly against the app tables, these fields (types, names, relationships etc etc) could change in the future with no requirement on m$ft to inform anyone. ie if you do a sp upgrade and this stops working, chances are they changed something .”