Dynamically change Master Page body tag

Today I spent several hours butting up against this, and finally, after much gnashing of teeth, found this great blog entry explaining what I needed to know.

Basically, the problem is that I needed to call a javascript function onload in the body tag of the page, but of course in an ASP.NET Content page there is no body tag – it only occurs once in the Master Page. But I didn’t want to put my javascript call in the Master page body tag, because then it would be called on every page.

I tried putting it in window.onload in a script tag at the bottom of the page, but this then screwed up some ASP.NET-generated javascript from a validation control, and also some of my other javascript.

The solution put forth in the blog entry is to dynamically put the onload function call in the Master Pages body tag from code in the Content page. Don’t have time to show the code myself (it’s quittin’ time), but please feel free to follow the above link.

By the way, this still didn’t solve my problem in Mozilla, but it works in IE, and as this particular project is for a company intranet that only uses IE, I’m happy (at least for now).

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